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Friday, March 19, 2010

Twilight Tote Bags from Zippityduda

Being environmentally friendly can be snazzy, too!

These marvelous cotton fabric bags are the same dimensions as those totes you see everywhere...except these are hip, funky and cool and don't have the name of some store on the side!

You are getting two of these fantastic bags in this graphic black and white / white and black print, both with the same great red floral handles. I have to confess that these were inspired by the covers of the Twilight books -- that red/white/black combo is just too good to ignore!

Bags measure a generous 12'' width x 13'' height x 8'' depth; they have a box pleat on the bottom, so you can easily fit a three or four cereal boxes in with room to spare. They're constructed so the handles are sewn into the seams, which makes them very sturdy.

You can jam a few of these in your purse, your backpack, the trunk of your car, and you'll always be ready to haul home some goodies. Take them to the grocery store, the co-op, the farmer's market, wherever!

I've got some people who now own 7 or 8 of these and they LOVE them. Who knows what kind of addictive tendencies these will bring out in you and your friends... You'll love using them!

Donated by Zippityduda - learn more about this and her other products by visiting her shop!

Bidding starts at $7 - Leave your bids in the comments! Auction closes at 11:59pm Sunday night.