The Silent Auction for Katie is now complete! The auction took place on Friday, March 19 - Sunday, March 21. A huge thanks goes out to our generous sponsors who donated such amazing items, and to each and every bidder who participated! Now let's all walk away REAL WINNERS by donating our bid amounts directly to Katie to help pay for her medical care. After all, that's why we're all here in the first place!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kind Words for Katie

As an update on the Silent Auction development this week, we thought we'd share a few of the kind words we've received. Thank you, everyone, for your support. Together we'll help Katie beat this!

"Katie's story touched me, and I admire her for her amazing strength. All the best to you and Katie and everyone who's helping you out." ~Jen

"My heart goes out to your friend and this sounds like a great idea." ~Lisa

"Could be a wonderful, feel good adventure for everyone involved, with the BEST result being money to help with medical I'm thrilled to help out Katie." ~Jennine

"We wish Katie blessings and health." ~Sandra

"Your friend is very brave." ~Michelle

"I hope your works achieve your goal. God bless you, Katie, and her family." ~Ranja

"This is a great idea. I would love to help!" ~Julia

"My grandpa has had lymphoma on and off his entire life (and has done a great job of kicking that cancer in its ass every time!) so I would actually be HONORED to participate!" ~Amanda

"My prayers and wishes go out to Katie." ~Teri

"My Mom suffered from the same type of cancer and I wish Katie the best." ~Pinkie

"I am truly honored to be helping. Regards and best wishes to Katie and this project!" ~Marcia

"I put a donation for Katie..... We need to keep inspiring upbeat young people in this world. You go Katie ! I'll be praying for you.♥" ~Kim

Thanks again to everyone who has helped by donating items, making financial donations to Katie, and helping spread the word about our auction. We can't do this without you!

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